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Party-Sized Gourmet Snack Set

  • Indulge in the irresistible blend of sweet, salty, and decadent flavors with our Party-Sized Gourmet Snack Set, a tantalizing assortment perfect for all occasions. This collection features delightful sweet treats like Cookie It Up's buttery shortbread cookies and Monarch’s chocolate truffles, alongside savory bites including Hardbite chips and Brocrates' onion and garlic-coated peanuts. The set also includes Spudniks flavored popcorn, Delish cherry jam, mini cherry sour bombs, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, luxurious balsamic vinegar, and a sturdy bamboo cutting board.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Bamboo Cutting Board Medium : This beautiful classic cutting board has so many uses. Made from bamboo, this thick, sturdy board is great for serving your favorite cheeses and charcuterie. 38 x 30.5 x 1 cm, 15 x 12 x 0.5 inches

    Chocolate-Truffles-Monarch-Gold : The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles. Evolving flavors roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    suB Mini Cherry Sour Bombs : Yes, Sour Cherry Bombs Gummy Candy are sour, and yes, they are bomb! But they are also very fresh, chewy and yummy. Not only are they wildly delicious, but they are also made right here in Canada

    Cookie It Up Hand Made White Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread : Soft with buttery goodness, these shortbread cookies vanish in your mouth, leaving a parting note of tart cranberries to chew and savor.

    Onion Garlic Chipnuts : Our Onion and Garlic Chipnuts are delicious! Peanuts are covered in an onion and garlic-flavored coating. This is one unique, crunchy, irresistible snack you will be reaching for every day!

    Hardbite Drop'n Mad Beets Chips : Okay, we know beets aren’t exactly everyone’s go-to vegetable and not the biggest hit on your meal planning playlist (except if you love borscht.). So we’ve taken this undervalued veggie and transformed it into a totally tasty treat. Why? Because everyone loves a good beet.

    Spudniks Maple Corn Popcorn: 226g : Flavored popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared, ensuring that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Delish Cherry Jam : This traditional jam is made from fine, fresh cherries to ensure every jar is filled with a delightfully smooth taste and texture. Enjoy with toast, scones, biscuits, or any other sweet.

    San Severino Marche Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Made with careful dedication, San Severino Marche’s delicate and delightful Extra Virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. It is produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents and at temperatures that will not degrade the oil.

    San Benedetto Del Tronto Balsamic Vinegar : This wonderful, rich, and luxurious aged balsamic vinegar needs no reduction. Just drizzle over your favorite veggies, cheese, fruit, or even ice cream.

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