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Have A Happy & Bubbly Diwali Gift Set

  • Celebrate the joyous occasion of Diwali by showering your loved ones with warm greetings and beautiful gifts. Spread happiness with our exquisite Have A Happy & Bubbly Diwali Gift Set, specially curated to convey your heartfelt Diwali wishes to your friends and family. This delightful gift set features a charming flower bouquet and a scented soap, perfect for enhancing the festive ambiance. Indulge in a delectable assortment of traditional Indian snacks, carefully selected to tantalize your taste buds with a mix of salty, spicy, and sweet flavors. From crispy deep-fried snacks coated with aromatic spices to mouthwatering delicacies crafted from premium ingredients, each bite promises a delightful culinary experience that will leave you craving for more. To add an extra sparkle to the festivities, our gift set includes a sparkling bottle of champagne, ensuring that every moment of Diwali is filled with joy and merriment. Experience the convenience of ordering these wonderful goodies from the comfort of your home with just a click of a button. Our prompt delivery service ensures that your gift reaches your doorstep on time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the festive spirit without any hassle.

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Bottle of Champagne: This gift basket includes a bottle of Champagne. This sparkling wine may be upgraded to any of the Champagnes/Sparkling Wines from our extensive Champagne collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great wine gift even better. Your gift recipient will love these Champagnes & Sparkling Wines!

    Raju Namkeen Bhatha Kani: A very popular teatime snack that offers you the perfect crunchy experience. Traditionally a spicy Gujarat snack, Bhakharwadi offers you a perfect
    combination of sweet, salty and spicy taste. Prepared using gram flour with a spicy tangy mixture of red chili flakes,
    Caraway and cumin seeds, this delicious snack will surely make your
    teatimes memorable.

    Haldiram's Kashmiri Dalmoth: Haldiram has widened its product range to a great extent. It has got its store filled with delectable spices and sweets. Haldiram Kashmiri Dalmoth is one from their store to carry the best taste with crispy bites. Quality of the products are always ensured when it comes about the brand Haldiram. They delivers the best to the consumers. Kashmiri Dalmoth are always best in taste and rich in nutritions, since they have good source of dietary fiber,carbohydrates and protein.

    Haldiram's Murukku: A royal recipe from Tamil Nadu that combines nutritious rice flour and urad dal to make delightfully crispy twisties. Infused with a blend of traditional spices, these crunchy snacks will keep you coming back for more!

    Cookie It Up Ginger Molasses: With rich ginger flavour and a dusting of sugar, these charming cookies are a taste experience to be savoured.

    Mississipi Cheese Straw Factory Red Velvet Cookies 3.5oz: The ultimate flavor delivery: Rich chocolate infuses every mouthwatering morsel of these crispy crimson treats. Inspired by the Red Velvet Cake, the classic luxury dessert that has set a standard for delicious elegance for generations, our luscious interpretation features fresh creamery butter and superb quality chocolate, baked to delicately crisp perfection and twirled in a dusting of powdered sugar. Ruby red treats you’ll treasure, and devour!

    Onion Garlic Chipnuts: Our Onion and Garlic Chipnuts are delicious! Peanuts covered in an Onion and Garlic flavoured coating. This is one unique, crunchy, irresistible snack you will be reaching for every day!

    Red Delicious Apple: Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape.

    Flower Arrangment: Assortment of fresh cut flowers inspired by the season

    European Soaps Canada-Pré de Prrovence-200g Heart Soap Gift Box - Tea Rose: This 200g heart-shaped soap is packaged in a beautifully designed box, perfect for gifting.

    Cutting Board: Bamboo wooden cutting board. 12 " x 9" x 0.5"