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Hannukah Gift Baskets Weston

Hannukah Gift Baskets Weston

Festive Kosher Gift Baskets

Happy Hannukah! Celebrate the joyous occasions with our Hannukah Gift Baskets Weston that feature chocolate caramels, chocolate cookies, candles, kosher wine, flatbread crackers, and more. Our gift baskets come with same-day shipping and free delivery for your recipient anywhere in Weston.

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Weston Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets for Hannukah

Same-day shipping in Weston

With an assortment of kosher treats curated for the special occasion, Hannukah Gift Baskets Weston prides itself in bringing you the most enjoyable and delectable kosher products for a celebratory feast with loved ones. From crackers and cookies to kosher wine and coffee, our gift baskets have it all.
Hanukkah Cookie Celebration Basket
Hanukkah Cookie Celebration Basket
The Big Celebration Kosher Set
The Big Celebration Kosher Set

Featured Hannukah Gift Baskets Weston

Wine Gift Baskets Weston


Surprise the wine-enthusiast in your life with a premium bottle of red or white that can be customized in our Wine Gift Baskets with an assortment of gourmet delicacies, delivered anywhere in Weston with same-day shipping availability.

Wine Gift Baskets
Wine Gift Baskets Weston
Champagne Gift Baskets Weston


All you need is a gorgeous bottle of bubbly to turn any soiree into a glamorous affair! Say cheers with Champagne Gift Baskets Weston, featuring a wonderful range of champagne and sparkling wines, and pair it with artisan cheese or decadent sweet treats at your party.

Champagne Gift Baskets
Champagne Gift Baskets Delivery Weston
Beer Gift Baskets Delivery Weston


From popular brands and craft brews to local favourites across the city, these Beer Gift Baskets Weston include an exciting collection of beers that can be delivered to your door with ease. Get the party started with a crate of beer and make it an occasion to remember!

Beer Gift Baskets
Beer Gift Baskets Delivery Weston